Oligonol – Oligomer Polyphenol

High anti-oxidation and revitalization effect from the lychee fruit extract

What is Oligonol?

Oligonol is a patented polyphenol compound from lychee characterized by unparalleled bio-availability and clinically proven efficacy. It can be found as functional supplement in capsules, as ingredient in food and drinks or in cosmetics.

Lychee fruit is a raw material in Oligonol and it is a food product with high safety proven from its food experience. It is certified as NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) since 2007 and was listed in GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) Notice Inventory in the United States FDA website in 2014.

Oligonol is the world’s first low molecular polyphenol that can be industrially produced. It is excellent in the absorption in the living body and has a high anti-oxidation and revitalization effect.


The polyphenol concentration in the blood after consuming Oligonol is nearly 4 times as compared to those of conventional polymers. It has been proven to have beneficial effects such as:

  • Blood flow improvement effect such as sensitivity to cold, stiff neck etc.
  • Tiredness recovery and improvement effect
  • Beautifying and whitening effects for wrinkles, blemishes and freckles
  • Improvement effect on metabolic syndrome
Cold feet and hands are symptoms of deficient blood circulation. Research has shown that Oligonol helps improve blood flow.
Advance sports performance and recovery from fatigue are areas of leading research of Oligonol.
Freckles and wrinkles might appear in skin for overexposure to sun light. Research shows that Oligonol helps to protect from UV radiation.
Metabolic syndrome is becoming a social concern in many countries. Clinical researches show the effect of Oligonol in reducing visceral fat.
Guaranteed Authentic

Oligonol is a guaranteed authentic
product from Amino Up.

Amino Up is the only (original) manufacturer of the AHCC Professional. AHCC Nutrients Phils. (Inc.) is the only and exclusive distributor of AHCC Professional in the Philippines.

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FDA Registration # FR4000009059281