ETAS – A Standardized Extract of Asparagus officinalis

Concentrated Asparagus Extract that Contributes to Normal Function of the Autonomic Nervous System

AsparagusETAS® is a functional, natural ingredient made with Asparagus. The healthy components are extracted, concentrated, and turned into powder. It supports the autonomic nervous system, which influences physical and mental health, and is an ingredient well suited to life in today’s busy, stressful society.

What ETAS Do?

The intake of ETAS® contribute to expression of Heat Shock Protein (HSP) within cells. HSP is normally produced by the body in response to heat or UV light, and it functions to remove and sometimes repair damaged cells. ETAS® helps to activate HSP without exposing the body to such stressors.

About the Safety of ETAS®

ETAS® is produced from natural asparagus, which has a long history of human consumption, and as such is safe for people to eat. On top of this, we also put ETAS® through many safety and toxicity tests to verify its safety

Guaranteed Authentic

The ETAS® is a guaranteed authentic
product from Amino Up.

Amino Up is the only (original) manufacturer of the AHCC Professional. AHCC Nutrients Phils. (Inc.) is the only and exclusive distributor of AHCC Professional in the Philippines.

Beware of fakes and imitations!

Registered with the
Philippine Food & Drug Administration

FDA Registration # FR4000004070643