23 Aug

AHCC is now in Davao City

The immune system is a very important part of the body since it combats infection, diseased cells, foreign bodies, and cancer cells. It regulates inflammation so that the body is able to maintain its normal function in spite the various harsh internal and external factor affecting the body.

It is always essential to maintain an excellent immune system.  Many factors like diet, environment, genetics, diseases, aging, and lifestyle severely affect this system. No wonder when the immune system is down, it can cause numerous illnesses which include cancer, severe infections, and other immune deficient conditions.

Available in the local market today is a new nutraceutical that was proven to improve immunity among humans. The AHCC was developed in the Department of Pharmacology in Tokyo, Japan by Prof. Toshihiko Okamoto in 1989. It comes from the mycelia (roots) of the mushroom shiitake which is being cultured by the Amino Up Chemical Co., Std. in Sapporo, Japan. The manufacturing process process is patented and follows strict manufacturing standards.

The AHCC is imported and exclusively distributed in the Philippines by AHCC Nutrients Phils. Inc. And now, AHCC is made available in Davao City. For details or inquiries about AHCC in Davao City, please contact Ms. Angelic Cosal at 0929-866-2927 or 0922-920-8259.

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AHCC For Better Immune System, Now in Davao City


AHCC is Active Hexose Correlated Compound
FDA Registration Nos. 86206 / 130339 / 99314